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How to care for artificial grass if you have a pet

If you have pets at home you should know that artificial grass is totally
compatible with them. Many times owners of pets such as dogs or cats wonder if it is positive to install artificial grass in their patios, terraces or gardens. From Econatura we tell you why it is a good option and we give you a series of guidelines to learn how to clean and care for your artificial grass if you have a pet at home.

Advantages of artificial grass for your pets

If you decide to install quality artificial grass, your pet will be able to enjoy it, as it offers the following benefits:

– You will have an area in which to run and play safely, since the
Artificial grass does not attract pests or insects. In addition, by not having to use pesticides for their care, you will not expose them to harmful products nor will there be
danger of ingesting certain toxic substances.

– Forget about ticks and other bugs that can harm your health.

– Your paws will also be safe thanks to the fact that the artificial grass does not reach
temperatures high enough to cause burns.

– You also won’t have to worry about them getting hurt by stones or splinters.
or spikes typical of natural grasses.

– Your pet will also stay clean playing on the artificial grass, even
when it rains, since, since there is no land, it will not fill its paws with mud and, therefore,
Therefore, it will not dirty the house either.

– With artificial grass you won’t have to worry about your pet
can dig into it, leaving possible holes and damaging it, since only
They are attracted to the smell of dirt, not synthetic grass.

– And, above all, your pet will feel like he is in the middle of nature, which will make him

Taking all of the above into account, it is important that, once you are going to choose the artificial grass with your pet in mind, it is as soft and soft as possible, this way you will ensure that they enjoy it comfortably and safely.

It is also important to choose a resistant grass, with strong fibers to prevent your pet from tearing them out. As well as with recovery capacity so that it returns to its original shape when the animal stops playing on it.

How to clean your pet’s droppings from artificial grass

It is normal that dogs and cats instinctively prefer to relieve themselves on the ground or grass. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is very possible that, from time to time, you will find urine and/or excrement on your artificial grass. But, you don’t have to worry, because cleaning these remains from artificial grass is easier than you think.

First, you should know that neither urine nor solid excrements are going to deteriorate your grass. Once you eliminate them, it will be in perfect condition, just as it was before.

Additionally, artificial grass will not change color if your pet does its work.
needs in it.

These are the steps you should follow if your pet pees on the artificial grass:



– Clean the area where the urine is found with plenty of water, helping you
of a hose.


– If you feel that the area is still dirty or if you notice an odor, you can rub it with a little bit of neutral soap and then rinse again with water.


– In some cases it may be necessary to disinfect the area if, for example,
You detect that your pet usually urinates frequently in the same place. For it
You can periodically apply a little chlorine or bleach. If you do,
Make sure to dilute the bleach well in water and, once cleaning is complete, remove the product well to prevent your pet from suffering any harm with this


– Finally, you can also apply a lawn perfume to the area.


If your dog or cat leaves excrement on the artificial grass, the procedure to clean it will be the same as in the case of urine, except that, first, the poop will have to be removed before starting the cleaning process.


So that your artificial grass is not affected by these situations, you must make sure you choose a model suitable for pets, with the necessary specifications for it. In addition to having a good drainage system that completely eliminates animal urine, preventing it from accumulating on the grass.


If you have doubts about which model to choose so that both you and your pet can
safely enjoy artificial grass at home, contact us.

We will advise on which of our artificial grass models best suits your needs.

You can request a sample and a quote without any commitment. 



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