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How long does it take to install artificial grass?

The many advantages that artificial grass offers (realistic and natural results, easy maintenance, durability, etc.) have made it a trend in recent years. Furthermore, if the artificial grass we choose is of quality and is cared for correctly, it can last between 15 and 20 years.

Artificial grass installation time

If you have been attracted by the benefits of artificial grass and have decided to install it at home, you are probably wondering how much time you will need to do it. And the answer is that it depends on several factors:


– Size of the area. First of all, you must be clear about where you are going to install the artificial grass and what the size of the room is. Obviously placing it on a small balcony is not the same as placing it on a patio or in the facilities of a company. Depending on the meters, you will need to have more or less time for this task.


– Number of people. The work will not be the same if you decide to install the artificial grass alone or if, on the contrary, you have the help of more people. This way you can organize and distribute the work so that each of you covers an area. The time you invest in this work will also influence. If, for example, you dedicate full days to work or if you only have time to do it on weekends.


– Type of soil. The type of soil on which you are going to place the grass will also influence the time spent. It is not the same to put it on tiles as on earth since, the latter, will require prior preparation work so that the floor is correctly leveled and smooth. You should also keep in mind that you will have to clean the area of debris and weeds, as well as apply a layer of sand or gravel, if necessary, which can take several hours of work.

Is it better to install it yourself or refer the work to a company?

Another important factor that will influence the time spent on installation is whether you are going to do the work yourself, or if, on the contrary, you are going to hire a professional.
Installing artificial grass is not a difficult task, although you will have to follow very specific steps and be meticulous, paying close attention to each one of them. Therefore, you can try to do it yourself.

However, leaving the work in the hands of experienced professionals will save you many headaches, such as:


– Time saving. As we said, laying artificial grass requires time of work and dedication so that the installation is done well. If you trust experienced people to do this, you will not have to worry about dedicating your free time to this task and, furthermore, since they are professionals, they will take less time than you to lay the artificial grass, so you will be able to enjoy it much sooner.


– Avoid mistakes. In the process of choosing and laying artificial grass, several mistakes can be made, such as not choosing one of good quality, one that does not suit our needs, making a wrong cut or not joining the strips well. All of this will result in a loss of time and money that you could save by leaving the work in the hands of professionals from the beginning of the process.


– Good results. If you trust an expert you will ensure that the result is as expected and you will be able to enjoy an artificial grass that is well cut, joined, placed and with adequate drainage to last a long time in good condition.

When is the best time to install artificial grass

Another very common question is usually what is the most appropriate time of year to lay artificial grass. Well, if we want to enjoy it during the spring-summer season, the ideal is for the installation to be done during the fall or winter. This way, whether you decide to install the grass yourself or have it done by a team of professionals, the work will be done more comfortably as there will be no movement of people. In addition, this way you will be able to have a longer period of time to carry out the installation in a calm and unhurried manner.



If you finally decide to install artificial grass in your home or office, call us! Our team of professionals will help you choose the most suitable option for you, and will also take care of the installation. Don’t worry!

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