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Decorative ideas for a terrace with artificial grass

Have you decided to install artificial grass on your terrace, patio or balcony at home?

Good choice! Thanks to its resistance and durability, it is an ideal and very original option that will completely change the appearance of the space in which you install it.


In addition, you should know that, beyond using it only as a floor option, synthetic grass has multiple decorative uses that, combined, will give the place a unique touch. We tell you some ideas with which to get the most out of it.

Ideas to decorate outdoor spaces with artificial grass

By itself, artificial grass is already a decorative option that offers the place where it is installed freshness, warmth and naturalness, inviting us to enjoy the room. And if, in addition, we combine it with certain external elements we will be able to create a very special space. There are some ideas.


– Pavement. An original option is to combine the place occupied by the
artificial grass with some type of pavement such as stone tiles, wood or even flooring. This is a fairly recurring decision and one that works very well for separating spaces. If, for example, we want to differentiate the area intended for children’s play, where the grass will be, from the part where we will place the furniture to rest or have a drink, where there will be pavement.


– Furniture. There are endless outdoor furniture options that combine perfectly with artificial grass. Depending on your tastes and the style you
want to give to the area you can opt for one or the other. Wooden furniture, for example, helps create a more natural space, while if you decide to put colored furniture, it will make the place look more modern and casual. Another option is white or light-colored furniture, which will bring calm and spaciousness to the space.


– Floors. Without a doubt, an essential element to give life to your terrace. You can decide on natural or artificial plants, depending on what you like and the time you have to take care of them. In any case, both options will bring naturalness and color to your terrace, regardless of the type of plant you choose.


– Zen space. If your intention is to have a space of calm and tranquility, you can choose to create a small corner with an armchair, a hammock, a pouf or cushions and candles where you can have a quiet coffee or read a book, for example.

The sound of water is another element that has a very positive influence on us, as it helps us feel calm and recharge our energy. Therefore, a
small water fountain can become the perfect touch for your terrace.
Include an area with decorative stones in the place and you will have the perfect space to relax.


– Lightning. Lights are of vital importance and help us create atmosphere.
You can choose from multiple options: lanterns, garlands, candle holders… that will help you transform your terrace into the ideal place where you want to spend more time.

Other uses of artificial grass as a decorative option

In addition to the previous options, in which artificial grass plays a main role around which the rest of the decorative elements are established, it is also possible to use it as a material to create the decoration itself. These are some ideas that we propose:


– Grass wall. Lining one or more walls with artificial grass is a good option to create a relaxing environment. In addition, you can hang pots on it, thus creating your own vertical garden, which will give a very special touch of color to your terrace.


– Rugs. You can place one or more artificial grass rugs with which to decorate the space in a simple and low-cost way. They can also be placed in the entrance area to the patio or garden. Thanks to the resistance of the material you will not have to worry about footsteps.


– Children’s play area. If your terrace is large and you have children, you can choose to allocate part of it to create a play area for the children. The grass
artificial is 100% safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so you can rest easy while your children enjoy it.


– Pet area. Your dogs or cats will also be able to have their space
own if you choose to create a small fenced area within your terrace in which you install artificial grass.


Whatever use you are going to give to your artificial grass and the combinations
decorative that you want to install, we recommend that you always choose a grass of the highest quality and resistance, so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible, getting the maximum profitability.


Remember that if you are thinking of giving a fresh and new touch to your terrace, balcony or garden, at Econatura we install artificial grass in Molina de Segura, Alcantarilla, Murcia, Cartagena… The entire region!

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