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Artificial grass for terraces: a practical and esthetic option

Artificial grass is an excelent option for terraces, since it offers a series of advantajes over the traditional natural grass. Its easier to maintain, more resistent to weather changes over time and can be used all year around. Besides, it is a more respectfull option for the enviroment, since it doesnt need neither water nor fertilizers.

If you are thinking on installing artificial grass in your terrace, here are some measures to take in mind:

  • The type of artificial grass: There is a great variety of artificial grasses available, making it important to chose the correct model depending on the weather and use you will give to the artificial grass. Its really important to choose a high quality product, that guarantees durability for a long time and all the added UV certificates.
  • Uses: If you will use it on a daily basis it is recommendeable a lower fiber height artificial grass, between 20 and 25 mm which result the most resistent, the grass wont crush and its easier to maintain. If there is a pool on the terrace it is most appropiate to use a more soft grass in between 30 and 40 mm, for a better estetic finish and less use we recommend our 50 mm models.
  • The budget: Artificial grass can variate in price, making it important to establish a budget beforer starting the research.
  • The artificial grass supplier and installation company: it is important to hire a service with good profesionals, since the quality of the grass relays heavily on the result to be optimal and durable. The same ocurrs with the installation, if you want it to be correctly placed, the most secure option is to hire a qualified team.

Once youve taken in mind all options, you can now search for artificial grass. In Econatura we count with many years of experience installing artificial grass.

Installing artificial grass in your terrace is something that has to be well done, since a correct installation can be a difficoult task if you want it to be correctly done. The profesionals at Econatura will advise you about which are the best products to choose from depending on the espeficications of your terrace. Once you chose the type of grass you will be using, our profesionals will start the installation with the optimal tools and materials for a perfect instalation. Once finished you can enjoy your terrace with artificial grass for many years.

Once the artificial grass is installed, you can enjoy your terrace all year around. Artificial grass is a practical and estetic option that will add greenery on your home.

Here you have some aditional benefits on installing artificial grass on your terrace:

  • Artificial grass is more resistant to adverse weather than natural grass. Artificial grass can hold perfectly against sun, rain, air and snow without it deteriorating.
  • Artificial grass is easier to maintain than natural grass. It doesnt require water, fertilazer nor pruning.
  • Artificial grass is more hinegic than natural grass. Artificial grass doesnt attract instects or plagues and it doesnt get dirty so quick.
  • Artificial grass in more versatile than natural grass. It can be used in any type of terraces, independently of its size or form.

If you are looking for a practical option, aesthetics and hygiene for your terrace, the artificial grass at Econatura is the best option.

Here your have some additional tips to choose and maintain the artificial grass on your terrace:

  • Its important to clean the artificial grass regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a hosepipe to clean the artificial grass.
  • If the artificial grass gets very dirty, you can use a special artificial grass cleaner.

Following this tips, you can enjoy your artificial grass for many years. If you are willing to ask for a budget to add artificial grass to your terrace, dont hesitate to contact us

Bienestar en cada rincón, césped artificial para una vida sin complicaciones.


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